Do you how Tina Lost 56 Pounds?

Yes, She is Tina, from the picture, you can saw she lost weight successed,I'm very happy, because Li Shou has help another get success again, make them have a good life.and do you know how did she successed?

First,you need a firm belief,why you need lose weight? here is the Tina's reason: "My mom actually approached me (very kindly) and asked me if I’d be interested in attending a Weight Watchers meeting. I never considered trying to lose weight before that, but when she asked me that, I knew I needed to start. There were many times I wanted to quit. In fact, there were many times that I did quit. It took a number of different ways to stay motivated. I made lists of reasons why I wanted to lose weight, which still gives me a push to keep going. I also make lists of the difficulties I've gone through with being overweight. I visualize myself at my goal and how amazing I will look, and think of all the compliments I'll get. I visualize how the people who used to look down on me for my weight will see me!

Plus, I was sick and tired of starting over. Every time I fell off the wagon and started eating unhealthy and not exercising, I'd have to return to healthy habits all over again — and I was so mentally and physically tired of doing that. The disappointed, discouraging feeling I got from that cycle made me angry enough to finally stay motivated for good." Yes, it is so easy. so what's yours.

Then, you should choose a right method to do it, Tina choose taking Li Shou to help lose weight, how about you! beside this,she also do other things to Consolidate it! Such exercise, she run for 30 minutes and do a 30-minute strength training regimen using free weights three to four times a week. Occasionally she'll switch it up at the gym and use the elliptical trainer instead of running.

In fact, Lost weight by Lishou is very easy, you don't have to worry too much!

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