Are you eating too much?

Are you eating too much?

6 necessary nutrients for us

(1) water

(2) carbohydrates (including in sugar, bread, rice and other foods)

(3) lipid (including in oil, fat and other foods)

(4) protein (including in food such as meat, eggs, fish and other foods)

(5) vitamins contained in green vegetables, fruits and other foods)

(6) minerals (contained in green vegetables, fruits and other foods)

If a you don’t know how to count your calories accurately, here to you is a rough estimating method:

carbohydrates = 4 calories per gram

lipid = 9 calories per gram

protein= 4 calories per gram

You may gain a lot of weight because of what you eat. You may grow a lot of dewlaps on your waist if you don’t control well your food intake. Human body likes to consume the food which is the easiest to be turned into energy. Among all kinds of nutritious foods, carbohydrate has the simplest molecule form which body tends to consume.This is why we want to eat bread, biscuits and things alike when we are hungry. This time, your fat will increase quickly.

So what should we do to make feel less hungry and eager for food? You need natural appetite suppressant lishou fuling diet capsules to control your big appetite and burn more fat. It is also effective in regulating blood lipid and provides a great convenience for those who are obese. The fat elimination is also targeted, which means it will slim the parts where there hoards the most fat like your belly and thighs etc. No side effect and no rebound.

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