Act out your weight loss plan and get closer to successful weight loss

In this plan, Women take 1000 ~ 1200 kcal of calories a day and men 1200 ~ 1600 kcal/day, or cut 300 ~ 500 kilocalories from your original intake. Avoid excessively low energy diet (that is, the total energy intake is below 800 kcal) every day. Guarantee sufficient vitamin and mineral intake and moderate vitamin A, B2, B6, C, zinc, iron, calcium and other micronutrient supplements.  

Increasing the movement volume and control of diet are indispensable in weight loss. It is advocated to go for aerobic exercises such as: walking, biking, jogging, mountain climbing, playing, dancing, swimming, dancing, etc.  
You don;t have to rely on a vigorous exercise for weight reduction. Exercise of low or medium intensity can increase energy metabolism. Different movement can consume different calories. Go for some mild or moderate aerobics help burn your fat more effectively.  
Arrange a reasonable plan to lose weight and effect it out steadily without giving up. If you can guarantee this, you will sure to lose some good pounds.

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